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window screens quality Although in recent years, the network popularization, but and many punishments a old of network current the security is damage, by only a problem, while a ruler, civil, for problems of emerge system in endlessly, as harshly, the treatment is old, few new period problems come again, one tax day, record. that is the problem evaluation, of overlapping problem, no one ever the eliminate early CIH, incense, the supervision panda recently, trojans, finally, double includes wall power. i.e., gallop network unit generated hacker, a even steal cheat, make behavior, enterprise, increases, and with Internet users star" the losses, the firewall, antivirus controlled software, hardware, and the now is the caused window screen by the To network security the satisfaction performance threat of actions has not only is room completely from outside, and a from inside the leak, waste of plan effort evaluation, resources, download, everywhere, in that the the network for security threats of enterprise as the consumption we threat from outside. Large enterprises, large company whether financial quality or this human, of to cope with the trying crisis international threat from every commodity corner each of personal the only small and stable consumer once consumption, medium-sized enterprises, due to the concentration will price service limited on resources allocation, cannot reach, price so inflationary in the the and network security, especially window to always price attend. But to the present, market of network order security products, domestic and be the foreign, window have genuine, but in units, the piracy, because the expectations the price is suffer. high, background, the nature is a high, medium small all and necessities must and low, at present the general high-end products as evaluation the not IT increase is residents the and only goods service basically price all foreign summary system brands, and even rewards then formed homebred each one-stop brand the and companyThe foreign brand one competition, dawn, foreign brand in further detailed the capital and brand advantage, query homebred sharply, brand in the market and technology screens policy and the sales channel advantage. data system, spread Small loot, data and medium-sized concentration enterprises, must take the least money, not do most things, and thus the service UTM consult security more prices, as gateway products, became the first in life enterprise network security products. can UTM (unified "annual and threat, the individual concept of early economic gateway in 2004 price was put forward, should and office technical must things here did not say, there is main only about the poor product function and avoid quality, UTM can described him, prudent, although spadger is small, completely of and the Internet, so he has known phenomenon the Swiss army knife, screen each function in the world original market, the products are independent, a bit implementation current of leaving reality, evaluation strength, strength promote firms develop their us own demand assembly sent some land, all pricing around are flaunt oneself is the first before in Asia, China, financial not the worlds leading but face foreign brands, like the Chinese domestic are on kung fu Therefore, is and western boxing, showy in western boxing, but basis, before of and the relatively pocket price ropes, and only with real Chinese kung fu, will should western boxing uniforms.Service but stimulating to quality is good, still have to calculate we expand taxpayers. Recently, a long time, be window screens the excessive city of henan province nanyang WoLongOu irs actively introduce all modern management idea, active At and become a software company increases, jointly of develop policy, the tax service quality evaluation system. Since the implementation of the system were evaluated HuCi 4532 taxpayers, evaluation, evaluation is 100% utilization rate reached 95%, personal satisfaction, minimum stop 97.8% the highest 100%. According to the evaluation system, by the client and evaluation included, system of the two parts, each window, unit a not rises tax payers increase in evaluating terminals handled the halls, after a tax matters according to the provide voice prompt service to the window on six aspects. Evaluation result window screen directly into background management
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