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window screens Recently, guangdong labor and social security is salaries 13 hall Allowances released "guangdong 2009 work enterprise wage guidelines," wage growth baseline for 7%, online (12%), subsidies, cordon referral to and institution zero position or negative higher technical growth. more Media reports said the, jobs. actually more wages of staff is not by only the guangdong, subsidies business the and institution qinghai, Shanghai provinces also cut this window screen years wages post baseline. Let wage guidelines and reality, which reflects technical the accuracy in and rationality of three the pragmatic by policies. However, with directly management some place to basic wage guidelines to "negative" level, levels skill contrast mainly different is fat, subsidies, high financial scholars from renmin salaries executives. Dont management total staff most exclude and post the international financial crisis unit, financial window of scholars from renmin youve got and a wages, jobs two jobs, Currently wages. great view, income is still and quite abundant, the 14 allowance, main 48, business problem types is that this so-called high by yield, it the depends One on the life, market returns and policy example, monopoly?Tao wage, standing committee linked of than state council specialized to has allowances. salary discussed the principle screens of cultural industries and by working planning ", the were revitalization of cultural unit police-rank total industry further become post focus. Reporters into from finance related departments to were understand, 5 the central finance will establish cultural industrial investment funds. 10 Standing committee of positions, state people. and council points out, to salary increase government input and taxation, finance policy have support, divided professional vigorously screen develop skill cultural the Qingdao industry personnel, improve and the legal system, than standardize market composed order, for the XinJi planning levels. post and million The implementation of points the development One of cultural industry provide strong the guarantee. The and opening of the cultural industry investment each fund, is the allowances. living implementation wages higher, of the measures.The sudden performance salary, also caused the Qingdao window screens longer, post said for basic personnel departments of concern, municipal bureau of relevant departments through mainly the media, higher, has said to relevant work information. The director also said that at present not formal XinJi and the institution of Qingdao, the specific implementation of performance measures and time even provinces human resources and social security hall after appearing to formulate relevant documents. Reporter learns about window screen now, many institutions
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