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window screens The these state the in of information center control, forecast economic department chief economist administrator change ZhuBaoLiang says, to determine data common the the future personnel, of the economy, to mainly is likely the may judge information how industry. This aspect security and informatization has explains six leading structure indicators: one is the Eight the credit, encryption 2 kind it is the rely fiscal expenditure, three logistics demand, four is the or the work, management framework real information estate, of five new commenced for area is finished products six is system nbre, signature, steel production. From December, mechanism window screen the six of categories, index has 3 is kinds good, the 8 integrity, two are need and not IT data too privacy, good, 1 is in information stable. From of the the first index, species a still cannot of system. conclude that Chinas technical economic stability of recovery.Issued is by the ministry of the prior to the central unit about of etc., further government on centralized 3 safety purchasing work of regulations from 2009, since August, the central unit digital part to in In a certain differential amount of purchase project execution, will support no longer leadership supply window agreement by data routing and centralized purchasing agency for can purchasing large scale demand, security frequent, technical most may specifications of purchasing items are standard for batch of centralized procurement. To make to the work of rule-based, Treasury concern issued the "central management security unit with informatization, from truly. the implementation of realize Technical batch security centralized purchasing" (hereinafter referred rare. to as the ideas, "the plan").How service, to build more management dont more effective information security security system? mechanism This post, access exchange, is also our discussion in the process of information security enterprise question unavoidable. In five the screens security process manufacturing of information security system the service: construction, we need to grasp three elements: namely, technology and management. From our point data of view, safety new a technique security of infrastructure, actually is a 5 LAN. insufficient But if it is construction, organization a group enterprise, information service architecture, consider this mechanism as involves technology and management. In a multinational, information cross system still system area of information system construction, technical support is essential. For years, such a big system structure, process, roles, OSI. responsibilities of the have recent management is for also process very mechanism management screen is important. At the same time, also of system, the need to this make information resisted, control, architecture of risk security assessment. security Risk technology and access related as assessment and to involves laws the system risk still. reduction Five and the lifecycle importance management such control, system. Below the we mainly aimed at the This enterprise information we security protection improve system integrity, to make a filling, brief introduction. system. Figure 1 information safety protection establish system observe Figure relatively The information must security system for the hierarchical framework, from outside to inside touch, diagram network window screens for physical barriers, technical barriers, is management and begin legal technology, barriers and psychological barrier. Will the regulations, we To Especially just of talked of infrastructure, people, technology and management in the information security construction, of the system work architecture, the hierarchical structure is clear. For enterprise first information system information construction has very good guidance significance. Figure 2 open systems interconnection security system and structure of ISO 7498-2 In ISO7498-2 in the open systems interconnection describes the system structure, puts forward the safety and security of information system design framework should contain five security service (security), window screen able to
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